Tips and Tutorial to Prospect Your Cold Market

How to reach out to your cold market and tips to grow your network marketing business

I did the tutorial below to reach out to people when prospecting cold market, but you need to follow some rules before to get instant credibility and authority in network marketing.

1- You need to put your picture on your profile, never put your company name or picture. Your audience want to know who you are before they do business with you. Don’t forget people buy people.

2- You need to have a Fanpage/business page where you can promote your business. Having a Fanpage will bring you more credibility and authority.

3- Show your lifestyle on your personal page, don’t put only your business. Give your audience something good to watch, they will like you.

4- Reach out to people and leave them a nice message, see the tutorial below to reach out to your cold market. Try to talk to 10 people everyday.

5- Stop selling and pitching people, tell stories. You will get more engagement and more people asking about your business

6- Do not mention your company when you are prospecting. Do not send any links until you get the people on the phone or on a screen sharing call. You will then only attract people really interested to your business or genuinely interested in you.

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