How to Stream your Facebook Live

As I always say, if you want to get more followers and generate leads, you need to get out of your comfort zone and start doing Facebook Live.

If you want to reach more audience, you can stream your live on Facebook Groups, it is very easy. Same as sharing your contents, pictures, click on the share button once your live is on and share to groups, page, friends timeline…

If you want to do Facebook Live on your desktop, you’ll need a live streaming program. You also need a Fanpage to do so. I would recommend OBS, which stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is an open-source software which means it is Free!! It is perfect when you start and want to minimize your expenses.

OBS allow to put a logo, pictures, effects on your videos. You can personalize this way your videos.

After downloading OBS for your computer, you need to configure your stream. To do so, go to Settings and Outbound

Facebook has three very specific requirements for the compressed stream you supply as the live input:

  • Maximum 720p resolution at 30fps
  • An I-frame at least once every 2 seconds throughout
  • A maximum bitrate of 2500Kbps for both audio and video

Configure your outbound stream to meet these requirements. When you are ready to go live, start the outbound stream in OBS. Go to stream and paste the stream key.

You’ll find the stream key in your Facebook Page, at the top click on “Publishing Tools”, on the left click on Videos and click on the right LIVE.



Copy and paste URL and Stream Key to OBS




Once that is done, go back to your screen and follow the step that are underlined in red:





Scene: Facebook live

Source: Video capture Device, you should see FaceTime HD Camera (built-in)

Mic/Aux: if it works you should see a green line moving.


If you accidentally start and stop your stream, you will need to create a new live video and copy over the new stream key.

When you are ready, click on preview Button in the bottom right “Create live video” popup. You can add a title, message, you can even tag people if you want. And once you are satisfy click on the blue button “Go Live”.

Once finished, click on the “End Live Video”. The video will be saved and should appear in your Video Library on Facebook page.

That’s it!!! You can stream now your content to Facebook and publish it on your Facebook Page.

Once OBS is set up, you shouldn’t need to do anything apart of changing each time the stream key.

Of course OBS is a software that can do much more, you can do some recording, image slideshow, game capture and many more, you just have to change the scenes and sources with your adequate requirements.

So you are ready???

If you got some value, leave me a comment. If you have some questions, I’ll try my best to answer but i am not very techy but if I can use it, i guarantee you that you can also.




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