Facebook Live Tips to engage with your audience

As you know Videos now are the buzz on Facebook. You can either share your lifestyle or talk about your business!!!  Facebook Live is one of the most used now. At the start only Iphone could do Live but now some people can do it from their computer. Instagram is next. They are just after putting a live video on the application so we’ll see how it goes!! 🙂

If you want to share your lifestyle, you don’t really need to structure your broadcast but for business it is better to use a formula so you don’t get lost in your thoughts and you get as many followers as you can.

1- Before you start going live you need to follow these instructions:  It is important to let your audience know that you are going to go live and tell the topic. You can do a nice picture or simply write it on your wall. Make sure you have a strong broadband connection before you start going live and put your phone on airplane mode so you don’t get any text, or phone call during the live video and avoid any distractions. Then you need to create a short catchy compelling  description of your video and try to use words that will be recognized by SEO to get more engagement.

2- At the beginning of your Live Streaming, introduce yourself and say what will be the topic of the day. Don’t forget your posture and smile. Be yourself !!! Be creative !!!


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Dr. Seuss


3- Engage with people, you should see some viewers, ask them to share and comment their names, where they are from, etc ..tell them to use the emoticons. Answer the questions if you can and say hello to them with their first name. Don’t forget to tell them to click on the notifications button, this way each time you are doing a live, they’ll receive a notification.

4- After it is time for you to talk about your topic. Always start with a questions.Try to be focus and avoid all distractions so you can tell exactly what you need to say. You can put a piece of paper beside to remind you the main points. Once it is done, go back to your followers and ask if they have questions. Then end the Live with a Call of Action, link from your blog, business. And if you know about your next Live, share the topic you are going to covered and when you are going to do it. And don’t forget to always say that if they got value with this video, they can share it in their timeline. That will bring you more exposure.

5- Once the live done, post your video on your timeline, you can change the thumbnail if you want, add or change the location, the date, provide a longer description and select a category. Also I would recommend you to save the video if you want to keep it in your archive. If it is a part of your blog with content, it is very easy to upload it to your Youtube Channel.



Once the video online you have to go back to ALL the comments and add some posts thanking your audience for watching. The more news feed activity and engagement you have the better!!

Once you have done a few videos, you can check the analytics and find the ideal time to have more audience and a better participation with them.

Facebook recommends that live video should last at least 10 min, but you can go as long as 90 min.

I am doing a 30 day Facebook Live challenge… If you want to join leave me comment and I’ll help you as much as I can. See link My live video



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