Tips to prospect and close your sales

Prospecting is one of those activities that you MUST practice daily if you want to generate leads and increase your business. Sales and recruiting are the most important skill set to recruit for most home business in network marketing.



Usually the best sales are done by phone or in person, either using videos to show some presentation or using screen share. I like using ZOOM. It is free for 40 min but you can always share the same link and continue your web conference.



Prospecting is a process and you need to keep in contact with your prospects until they sign up for your business and more importantly afterwards. You need to show good leadership to duplicate and build an A team.



First you need to search for the people who will want to use your products and services, and also look at your business. Secondly give them some information, not too many so you don’t overwhelm them but enough to give them an idea of your business. Leave them some time to think about it. And thirdly do a zoom conference to show the back office and close the deal 🙂



3 tips to close your sales:

  • What did you like best about what you saw?
    • If your prospects talks for more than 2 min, you just say: “sounds like you are ready !”
    • If it is a short answer reply ” I like that part too and what else do you like?”
  • Are you willing to follow my lead and can I show you the easy getting started section on a screen share? Can you see yourself having success?
  • Based on what you saw, is there any reason why you don’t want to start today?
    • It can be money problems
    • It can be they have to ask their partner, spouse, ..
    • It can be they need more time to think about it
  • If the person is very enthusiast, say ” Sounds/looks like you are ready to get started!”

Always take notes of your prospects and if they are ready straight away go through the sign up with them, less chance that they might change their minds.

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