How to promote your eBook on Social Media

The purpose of doing an eBook is to get more traffic on your website or blog, social media can help you build visibility and generate leads. Doing a capture page when promoting will lead to get your audience’s contact details and build your list. But before you write an eBook, you need to build relationship with your audience and if you are marketing your business effectively, you will attract exactly the kind of followers you want to read your book.



  • Post an engaging image from the eBook, a nice quote that will attract your audience’s attention. You need to stand-out so they’ll want to click on your content.
  • Create a banner for all the different platform, just make sure you have the right cover image dimensions.


2018 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet


  • Join a community and take part of the discussions and build long term relationship before you promote your eBook. Guest blogging is also a great way to get exposure
  • Pay to promote your eBook, for example Facebook lead ad.
  • Use it as a giveaway on your platform, as a prize. That is a powerful way to gain exposure. Create an offer and put a time limit… urgency make people take action faster
  • Promote it in your newsletter, always a great way to build relationship with your new followers
  • You can talk about it on a video and post it on your wall
  • Don’t forget to put the links of your website, blog, other social media.
  • Tweet or post snippets from your book, little quote.. that will bring curiosity to your audience.
  • Always monitor the conversation, reply to your followers, thanks them. The more you engage in discussion, the faster you’ll get followers
  • Put your eBook on your bio on all your platform


According to K-Lytics, 75,000 new books are added to the Kindle store every month with the US being the first largest market for eBooks according to the November, 2015, report. Price range shouldn’t be less than $1.99 but not more than $9.99 with the most commonly purchased eBooks range from $2.99 to $3.99

Amazing, right??

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