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To build your business online you know how important good marketing can be to the growth of your business. There are a lot of  Free Marketing Tools and Resources  available, but I am not an expert with designing and Photoshop etc… so I  found these one  easy to start with for me, so maybe for you too !


Canva or pixlr are powerful to create beautiful design to make your own branding. You can make professional-looking images, graphics for all your platforms. If you follow the tutorial you’ll create in no time graphic design, custom projects and personalized pictures.


  • canva picpixlr2


  • Pixabay and freeimages are also 2 resources that you can use to get free copyright pictures and use them to create your branding. You can choose one picture, add a quote on it, put your signature and then it’s done. Lovely personalized picture that you can share to all the platform if you wish.

pixabay pic

freeimages pic allows you to shorten your links especially when you use twitter, it is a powerful tool. You can also track the performance of  your URLs and you can use these insights to enhance your marketing strategy.
bitly pic


  • Jing also is Amazing. It captures a page, or image on your computer screen. You select an area and jing will capture everything that happens in the areas, you can use it as screen recording also and upload to do a video… So powerful if you want to show some tutorial (limited to 5 min), the screen recording is ready to upload to and you can share through email and your social media. It will be allocate on the top right of your screen like a Sun!!


jing pic

  • SurveyMonkey is great at helping you create, send and analyze surveys. First identify your customers, your objective before you create your survey. Keep it short (10 questions max), and focused. The questions need to be simple and direct, do at least 2-3 rating scale questions going from 1 to 5. With a professional plan you can add a custom thank you.

surveymonkey pic


  • Zoom is a great tool to do screen sharing when you talk to your prospect and want to share your Backoffice. You can host up to 50 participants for 40 min video conference for Free. You just need to download the Zoom application and you can do a meeting face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging

     zoom pic


What other tools would you add to this list? Add them as a comment below!



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